Two Separate Rollover Crashes Caused by Elk on I-90Washington State Patrol Trooper Brian Moore said two separate rollover crashes occurred Monday night on I-90. These two separate rollover crashed are said to be caused by elk on the roadway. The elk near Cle Elum, Washington have not migrated higher into the mountains. Washington State Police are reminding drivers to slow down and be aware of animals entering or on the roadway. Moore said the two separate rollover crashes shutdown Interstate 90 for about four hours into Tuesday morning.

Tips to Avoid an Accident with Animals on the Road

  1. Stay calm and do not panic if you see an animal in the roadway in front of you.
  2. Do NOT swerve. Swerving often times only leads to a collision with something else such as a tree or other vehicle.
  3. As soon as you see an animal in or near the road, slow way down. Then check to see if there is someone driving behind you. If no one is behind you stop and wait until the animal leaves the roadway. Never slam on your brakes.
  4. When an animal is approaching from the right side of the road, steer towards the right edge of the roadway. This will encourage the animal to move across the road more quickly.
  5. If you are unable to avoid a collision with an animal, slow down as much as you can and brace for impact. No one wants to hurt or kill an animal but your safety and the safety of other drivers is also at risk.
  6. After hitting an animal, be courteous by calling a local police station or animal control office so the animal can receive medical attention and contact its owner if it is a pet.
  7. After hitting a large animal, attempt to regain control of your car and pull over to a safe place. You or your vehicle may have damages that would require assistance and you may want to call 911. Remember to stay inside of your vehicle. An injured moose, elk, or deer could be dangerous. Turn on your emergency flashers to alert other drivers.
  8. When you are able, contact your car insurance company to file a claim for any damages to your vehicle.

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