10 Things to Teach Kids Pedestrian SafetyAs a parent, I understand the urgency to teach kids pedestrian safety. An elementary school student was hit by a car while attempting to cross the street to get to the school bus near Spokane. Moreover, the parents of the child are now suing the school district for picking up the child in a non-designated location reported KHQ. Regrettably, the child suffered severe injuries and will now need 24-hour care for the rest of her life. The parents are not requesting a specific amount in the lawsuit. Rather, they are asking for the cost of all past and future medical expenses plus funds to care for the girl the rest of her life. Furthermore, the lawsuit also says the driver who hit her was driving negligent by exceeding the speed limit and failing to see her.

What can we do to avoid car accidents such as this? Ultimately, start at home by teaching your kids road safety. Here are ten things to teach kids pedestrian safety.

10 Things to Teach Kids Pedestrian Safety

  1. Presumably, watch for cars. Teach your kids to look all around them before going into the street. Meanwhile, make eye contact with the driver before entering the road. Never trust that a car is going to stop for you. Wait until the car is stopped before entering the street.
  2. Avoid parked vehicles. If you come out from behind a parked vehicle, chances are a driver will not be able to see a small child. For instance, avoid shortcuts that will make you cross between parked cars.
  3. Next, warn kids about railroad crossings. Railroad tracks should only be crossed at designated signals or signs. Presumably, small feet could easily trip on railroad tracks. Teach your kids to stay away from railroad crossings during play.
  4. In any case, stay on the sidewalk. Teach your kids to walk on the inside edge away from traffic to avoid being hit. Also, walk facing oncoming traffic so you can easily be seen.
  5. Similarly, listen for cars. Never allow your children to use headphones or other electronic devices that are distracting to them while they are walking. At any rate, listen for approaching traffic that may be hard to see.
  6. Ultimately, be visible at night. If you are walking around at night, wear bright reflective clothing so you can be seen easily. Use a flashlight and get home quickly.
  7. Of course, have a walking route mapped out. If your child is walking to school, map out their walking route. Teach your kids the street names and landmarks on their route so they can tell you where they are in case of emergency.
  8. Furthermore, teach traffic sign meanings. In my opinion, your child should know the rules of the road to understand a car’s intentions.
  9. Above all, be a good example to your child. In addition, never jaywalk or run across the street. Teach your child to use the crosswalk or cross at intersections.
  10. At any rate, teach the basics. For example, look both ways multiple times before crossing the street. You can never be too safe.

Above all, once you have taught your child these basic principles, review them often. Before crossing the street, try asking them when they think it is safe to cross to check their understanding.

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