Techniques for Driving in the Fog – Avoid a Car AccidentAvoid a car accident by learning a few techniques for driving in the fog. Officials reported two injured in a car accident after crashing into a train while driving in the fog. Slick roads may have also played a factor in this car accident. The two injured were taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation of injuries. It has been reported that the injuries sustained from this crash are not life threatening.

Techniques for Driving in the Fog

Driving in the fog is a high risk for a car accident due to the low visibility. Fog can come on suddenly and sometimes take a while to fade. Here are a few techniques for driving in the fog that could potentially help you avoid a car accident.

  1. Slow down. Like any other bad weather driving situation, slow down to be safe.
  2. Turn on low-beam highlights. When visibility is low, turning on low-beam headlights will help make you more visible to other drivers as well as help you to see. Be sure to only turn on low-beam headlights. High-beam illumination reflects off the fog and back into your eyes causing even more problems.
  3. Do no stop in the lane of traffic. It may seem tempting to just stop and wait for the fog to clear. However, stopping in the road when visibility is low could put you at risk of being hit by another vehicle that can’t see you. If you feel you must stop, be sure to pull over to a safe place far away from traffic. Also, be aware that leaving your lights on could indicate to other drivers that where you have pulled over is the lane of travel. This could cause you to be rear-ended.
  4. Use the right-side pavement line as your guide while driving in the fog. The white painted line on the right side of the road is usually a great guide that is still visible even in the fog. Using the center line markings will guide you into oncoming traffic from the opposite direction and could cause a head-on car collision.

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