Spokane County Ordered to Pay $7.5 Million to Motorcycle Accident VictimSpokane County ordered to pay $7.5 million to motorcycle accident victim by a jury. The motorcycle accident victim was left paralyzed after a motorcycle crash in 2011. Other injuries include memory problems as well as other issues after sustaining severe head injury from the accident. The motorcycle accident victim was riding on the back of the motorcycle at the time of the crash. The driver is reportedly having to take part of the blame for the accident because they had driven the road many times before. Spokane County is having to pay because the victim is arguing there was not enough warning to slow down for a sharp turn. The lawsuit also says that there were about two dozen car accidents at the same intersection prior to 2011. Since the crash, more warning signs have been installed and a bush has been cut back to allow proper visibility.

How Car Accident Lawyers Can Help Car Crash Victims

This story is a great example of how a car accident lawyer has helped a victim in need. While the motorcycle accident victim will most likely never recover from such trauma, the money received will hopefully help to pay medical expenses and help sustain the victim after such tremendous injury.

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  • You are having trouble with your insurance.
  • A police report is inaccurately describing you as at fault.
  • A death has occurred from the accident. You may have a wrongful death case.
  • An attorney from your insurer has contacted you.

Walk to a car accident lawyer at Parke Gordon in Spokane if:

  • You need some legal advice or wondering if you have a case. Parke Gordon offers a free consultation with an attorney.
  • You don’t know or don’t understand your rights.
  • You are confused about the terms on your policy.
  • Need help with paperwork.

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