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Speeding Motorcyclist Causes Fatal Accident

Speeding Motorcyclist Causes Fatal AccidentWashington State Patrol reported a speeding motorcyclist caused a fatal accident on Highway 291 north of Spokane. A motorcycle traveling northbound at a high rate of speed, crossed over into the southbound lane and struck an oncoming vehicle head-on. The motorcyclist was ejected from the bike upon impact. He was later pronounced deceased at the scene of the motorcycle accident. The driver of the vehicle he hit was taken to a nearby hospital with injuries. Washington State Police listed the cause of the collision as reckless driving. Traffic was blocked for a few hours while crews investigated and cleared the crash.

Dangers of Speeding Motorcyclist

A speeding motorcyclist puts all drivers on the road at the time at risk of being injured or killed in an accident. The following are a few scenarios that often happen when a motorcyclist is speeding.

Lose Control

Speeding often causes a driver to lose control. Often the driver may swerve into another lane, roll, or crash into another vehicle.

No Time

When a driver is speeding, the amount of time to react to a situation is greatly shortened. Thus, accidents occur. Drivers must frequently react in a quick manner in order to prevent a crash. Speeding reduces the amount of time to react to urgent situation, making it much more likely for a crash to occur.

Vision Limitations

Often other drivers do not see motorcyclists, even when they are traveling the speed limit. When a motorcyclist is speeding, other drivers have less time to see them and may greatly misjudge the distance of the motorcycle.

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