Simple Misjudgment Turns to a Fatal Car AccidentA simple misjudgment while driving happens all too frequently on Idaho and Washington roads. We’ve all made a misjudgment while driving. However, sometimes that misjudgment can mean your life. Such was the case for an Idaho man who was recently involved in a fatal car accident. Idaho State Police say the man pulled out in front of an oncoming vehicle and died instantly at the scene. The driver was also not wearing a seatbelt. Both of these mistakes are thought to have cost the man his life. The driver of the oncoming vehicle was wearing a seatbelt and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation of injuries.

Simple Misjudgments you’ve made While Driving

Think you are a great driver? Well maybe you are but a lot are not. If everyone were a safe driver, there wouldn’t be so many car accidents. The following are some common misjudgments made by drivers across the United States.

Cutting Someone Off

Intentionally cutting off another vehicle or not it is bad manners at least and very dangerous. Remember to be predictable while driving. When a driver does something unexpected, it is likely they will cause a car accident. It is best to wait for a safe opening in traffic before proceeding. This also goes hand in hand with thinking ahead. If you know you need to be in a certain lane to make a turn, do not wait till the last moment to get over so you can avoid cutting someone off.

Stalling a Manual

Many times, it may not be the driver’s fault for stalling a manual. However, stalling may lead to an accident. For example, the person behind may not realize you stalled and accidentally rear-end you. The misjudgment of the driver behind you has the potential to cause you injury.

Failing to Check Your Blind Spot

Many new cars come equipped with electronic blind spot monitors to warn the driver before changing lanes. However, it is still best to turn your head to check before changing lanes.

Speeding in the Rain

Roadways are most slick after the first few minutes of rain. The oils that accumulate on the road are brought up to the surface by the fresh rain causing a very slick surface that interferes with your tire’s traction. Remember to slow down and stay in control.

Signaling when it’s Too Late

Remembering to signal mid-turn does no one any good. Give the drivers around you time to slow down to avoid a car crash.

Forgetting to Adjust Your Mirrors, Steering Wheel, or Seat

Driving safely has a lot to do with also being comfortable in your car. Make sure to adjust the seats, the position of the steering wheel and the mirrors before you start driving.

Driving Distracted

Even hands-free calling can be distracting to a driver. If the call you are on is keeping you from paying attention to the road, hang up. Make sure you are driving alert and able to react efficiently at all times to avoid an auto accident.


If you are in a hurry you are likely to make a ton of bad driving choices that could lead to a crash. Pay attention to your speed and have patience while behind the wheel.

Zipper Merging

Merging too early may seem like the polite thing to do. However, studies have shown zipper merging is a much more effective tactic for moving traffic through more quickly and safely. Zipper merging is when both lanes of traffic proceed to the point at which they must merge, and then take turns.

Failing to Yield to Pedestrians

In the state of Washington, pedestrians are subject to traffic regulations. Where sidewalks are provided, it is unlawful for any pedestrian to walk upon an adjacent roadway. However, as a driver, it is not worth a person’s life to save a few seconds by swerving around them. It is also important to remember vehicles in front of you may be stopped for pedestrians.

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