Semi-Truck Accident on Interstate 90 from Driver OvercorrectingIdaho State Police reported a semi-truck accident on Interstate 90 in Coeur d’Alene from the driver overcorrecting. The semi was traveling westbound when the driver went off the right-hand shoulder, came back onto the roadway and caused the trailer of the semi to tip over from overcorrecting. The cargo of the trailer blocked all westbound lanes of travel with debris. Both the semi-truck driver and their passenger were transported to a nearby medical center for evaluation of injuries sustained in the crash. For approximately three and a half hours, crews worked to clear the debris.

When a Semi-Truck Overcorrects

Semi-truck drivers go through extensive training to be a safe driver. However, sometimes even after training, a semi-truck driver can make a mistake. Typically, when a semi-truck driver has made the maneuver causing them to overcorrect, it’s already too late.

Some common reasons a semi-truck driver is forced to overcorrect could be if the load was improperly loaded, they are driving on poorly maintained roads, driving distracted, or simply driver error or even improper training. Semi-truck rollovers account for approximately three percent of all large vehicle crashes. However, semi-truck accidents account for over half the deaths of truck drivers or vehicle occupants. Thus more, if the semi-truck happens to tip over onto a passenger vehicle or pedestrian, it is likely to cause serious injuries or wrongful death.

The faster the semi-truck is traveling at the time of the accident, the more likely it is that the semi will roll over. At high speeds, even a slight change in direction can cause the semi’s load to become unbalanced and rollover. For instance, when a semi-truck is traveling at 60 mph, it is traveling 90 feet every second. At this rate of speed, it can take an 80,000 lb semi-truck over 500 feet to come to a complete stop. Should the semi-truck driver need to swerve to avoid a collision, the semi can likely topple over as it attempts to slow down.

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