Rights of the Passengers in a Car AccidentAs a passenger in a vehicle, you are not responsible to do the driving, but what if the vehicle you are traveling in ends up in a car accident? What are you responsible for? If you are injured, who will pay the medical bills? The rights of the passengers in a car accident are similar to the drivers. However, a passenger’s personal injury claim can be an easier case because they do not have to worry about proving liability.

Like any other personal injury case, two things still must be proven to have a good case. Those are a liability (the defendant’s fault) and damages. It is nearly impossible for a car crash case to not have at least one driver deemed as the negligent party in some way. If the accident only involved the one car you were riding in, then the driver will typically be held liable and you could bring a case against them. An example to an exception of this would be if the driver hit a deer that jumped onto the road out of the bushes. No one expected the deer to be in the roadway. In this situation, the driver would not be found negligent.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim as a Passenger

If the car accident involving two drivers, any passengers injured in the accident could bring an injury claim against both drivers. Filing a personal injury claim as a passenger is very similar to any other type of car accident claim.

Passengers injured in a car accident should gather the contact information and insurance information of each driver involved in the accident. For more information on what to do after a car accident, click here.

After filing an injury case, your attorney will need to negotiate with both drivers’ insurance companies if both drivers were found to be at fault for the accident. Typically, a passenger injury claim can be settled easily with the help of an experienced attorney from Parke Gordon Law Firm.

Multiple Passengers Injured

If multiple passengers are injured in the same car accident, they can all file their own personal injury case against the negligent driver. However, all of the injured persons are taking their settlement from the same pot. Sometimes it may be difficult for those injured to decide how much each person should get. If this happens it is common for the insurer to not settle with any of them. The passengers then have to file suit in order to settle the issue of how much each of them will get.

Car Accident Lawyer

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