New Parke Gordon Law Office in Eugene, OregonPersonal injury attorneys Mat Parke and Brent Gordon recently searched for office space in Eugene to open a new Parke Gordon law office in Eugene, Oregon. With a new law office, Parke Gordon Law Firm will be helping personal injury clients in Eugene and other surrounding areas to retrieve the compensation deserved after an accident.

Why a New Law Office in Eugene?

Based on the demographics found in Eugene, Oregon, Mat Parke and Brent Gordon believe a personal injury attorney would benefit the community greatly. Eugene is a small town in Oregon. Currently many personal injury victims are having to travel to larger cities such as Portland to find a personal injury lawyer to taken on their case. Once Parke Gordon Law Firm opens a new law office in Eugene, local clients will be better served locally instead of having to travel long distances for similar service.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After being in an accident such as a car accident, semi truck accident, motorcycle accident, or any other personal injury accident, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to fight for every penny you deserve. Our law firm and staff believe every client deserves fair representation against big insurance companies with deep pockets. Clients who choose to represent themselves often receive very little compensation. A personal injury attorney can get you a lot more money by:

  • Negotiating a larger settlement than you could on your own;
  • Reducing payouts from your settlement to health insurers, hospitals, and doctors;
  • Finding more insurance coverage to cover your damages when the negligent driver is uninsured or under insured.

Examples of How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Get You More Compensation

Here are a few real examples of cases Parke Gordon Law Firm has settled that illustrate how much more money an attorney can get for you.

Case 1: Alone the client would receive $7,000. With Parke Gordon Law Firm, the client received $29,000.

Case 2: Working alone the client would receive $13,000. Working with Parke Gordon Law Firm, the client received $40,000 in compensation.

Case 3: On their own the client would receive $30,000. With the help of Parke Gordon Law Firm, the client received $102,000.

Case 4: Without an attorney the client would receive $10,000. Parke Gordon Law Firm was able to get $450,000 in compensation.

Internal documents from one auto insurance company showed that it paid five times more money to people who hired an attorney than to those who did not have an attorney.

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