Injury Car Accident in SpokaneAn injury car accident in Spokane occurred las week on Highway 195. Washington State Police reported a car was headed westbound on Highway 195 and stopped at a stop sign. The car attempted to cross Highway 195 but collided with another vehicle. Both vehicles came to a rest in the northbound lanes of Highway 195. The drivers of both vehicles were transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital for injury evaluation. Both drivers are expected to be okay.

Injury Car Accident

How often does an injury car accident occur? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 2.5 million Americans went to the emergency room following a car accident in 2012. Of those, almost 200,000 were hospitalized from and injury car accident. Their report also said that Americans spend over a million days in the hospital each year due to an injury car accident.

Cost of an Injury Car Accident

In 2012, injury car accidents totaled $18 billion in lifetime medical expenses. The first 18 months after a crash is 75% of the cost. On average, an injury car accident emergency visit costs about $3,300. A hospital stay costs on average $57,000 over the lifetime of the accident victim. These costs are not even including wage lost from injury. In 2012, an estimated $33 billion was lost by injury victims not being able to come into work. All statistics reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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