Tips to Increase Your Personal Injury SettlementKnowing how to increase your personal injury settlement can help to get you the compensation you deserve. In most cases, the defendant and the injured person will try to reach a personal injury settlement without having to go to court. As a victim, you deserve to be fully compensated for your pain and suffering. Here are some tips to follow after an accident to increase your personal injury settlement.

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The best way to increase your personal injury settlement is to have an experienced and respected Spokane personal injury attorney on your side. Attorney Mat Parke believes every client deserves top-tier representation, not just big insurance companies with lots of money. Mat can level the playing field for his clients and has obtained impressive settlements from insurance companies. Insurance companies will often pressure victims to settle for a much lower amount simply because the client is inexperienced. Spokane personal injury attorneys at Parke Gordon will aggressively work to make sure you receive every penny you deserve.


Right after a car accident it is important to gather evidence to be used for your case. Thoroughly investigate the accident scene to increase your personal injury settlement. Things to look for include:

  • The cause of the accident.
  • The people involved in the car accident.
  • The exact location of the accident.

By investigating many times it is easy to find fault or negligence of the defendant which could increase your personal injury settlement.

Gather Evidence

Other things to do while at the accident scene include:

  • Take pictures of all vehicles involved
  • Take video if necessary
  • Gather contact information for any witnesses. Make sure the police gather a witness statement whenever possible.

Get Medical Attention

If you have been injured, make sure to see a medical professional to be evaluated. Seeing a doctor will help you to heal as well as provide documentation that can be used to negotiate a settlement. It is easier to increase your personal injury settlement if there are medical bills to be paid. Please know however, even if you do see a doctor following a doctor it is not a guarantee that the settlement will cover your medical bills.

Obtain Medical Records/Bills

Lastly, be sure to obtain any medical records or bills from accident related injuries to show the insurance company what you have been through. The size of your personal injury settlement may be affected by the documentation you provide.

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