How to Adjust Your Car Mirrors to Avoid a Car AccidentAdjust your car mirrors to avoid a car accident is a simple thing you can do to stay safe. Car accidents happen every day from drivers not being able to see a driver next to them before changing lanes. It’s the dreaded “blind spot.” Several cars of various brands now come equipped with fancy equipment designed to employ cameras or radar to see the cars driving beside you. If you are like me, you still use the most important part of any vehicle, the car mirrors.

Here are some simple steps to adjust your car mirrors to avoid a car accident:

  1. Adjust the rear-view mirror till you can see directly behind you. The rear-view mirror inside the cab of any car is intended to do only one job, allow the driver to see directly behind them. Don’t try to make the rear-view mirror show you what is on the sides of you. That is what the side mirrors are for.
  2. Tilt your head until it is almost touching the driver’s side window. Now, adjust your left side mirror so that you can just barely see the side of your car and nothing more.
  3. Tilt your head to the right towards the middle of your car and adjust your right-side mirror so that you can just barely see the right side of your car. When you sit straight up, you will not be able to see your car in the side mirrors.
  4. Want to check to see if adjusting your mirrors per the above steps will work? When driving along a four-lane road in the right lane, spot a car driving on your left coming up to pass you. Without moving your head, watch the car pass you in the rear-view mirror. Just before you can’t see it anymore in your rear-view mirror, glance to your left side mirror. See it? Now follow it in the side mirror as it passes you. Just before it disappears from your side mirror, you should be able to see it in your peripheral vision. Now try it on the other side. If you do notice a blind spot even for a just a second, fine-tune your side mirror adjustment.

Take these simple steps to adjust your car mirrors before driving any vehicle. It takes seconds and could help you avoid a car accident.




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