Hit and Run Car Accident Left Identity BehindUsually a hit and run car accident occurs because the driver who caused the accident does not want to be held liable. Well the driver of a recent car accident which occurred in Spokane did not do such a good job covering their tracks. The driver of an SUV rear-ended a vehicle stopped at a red light. The force of impact was so strong that the car which was hit then collided with the vehicle in front of them. Witnesses say the SUV then drove off. While most hit and run car accidents leave the person hit without any evidence of the driver who drove off, this was not the case. The license plate of the SUV was left behind, giving police a good idea of who the driver which caused this car accident might be. In addition, witnesses of the car accident also provided photos of the SUV to police.

What is the Penalty for a Hit and Run?

After causing a car accident it may be daunting to stick around for the consequences. Depending on the situation and the place of the accident what happens next will vary. For example, in most states if no one was injured in the car accident, it will result in a misdemeanor. If another driver, passenger or pedestrian was injured it may result in a felony as well as a fine. Other cases police may warrant an issue for your arrest.

Tips for Filing a Hit and Run Car Accident Claim

Like after any car accident, it is best to stay calm and gather as much information as possible. Some things that are important to gather include:

  • The make, model and license plate number of the vehicle that hit you.
  • Photos of the car accident scene.
  • Pictures of your car, particularly where it was hit and if there is an signs of paint from the other vehicle on your car.
  • A police report. Call the police as soon as possible to file an accident report.
  • Talk to any witnesses and gather their names and contact information (name, phone number).

If the hit and run car accident occurred while your car was parked, gather the following information:

  • The time and location of the incident.
  • Photos of any damage to your car.

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