Car Accident Leaves One Man Trapped for Over an HourIt is being reported that a car accident left one man trapped in his vehicle for more than an hour after a five-car collision in north Spokane. The man remained conscious as firefighters worked to peel back the roof of his truck. Firefighters worked in below-freezing temperatures to extricate the man trapped in his truck.

Spokane police reported the crash occurred when one vehicle rear-ended another car, sending it skidding into oncoming traffic. The driver which rear-ended the other was ticketed for driving too closely to the car in front. No life-threatening injuries were reported however, three were transported by ambulance for evaluation of injuries.

In 2014, 6.1 million police-reported accidents occurred on U.S. roads according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 72 percent of these accidents only involved property damage. However, 2.3 million were injured and 32,675 were killed in these car crashes. Of the 1.7 million auto collisions involving injuries or fatalities, it is fair to say firefighters were called to the scene to help a significant number of them. Firefighters are more frequently presented with the opportunity to save lives at the scene of a car accident than to save a life from a burning structure. Firefighters are well-trained and prepared to take quick and effective action at the scene of a car accident to efficiently protect and extricate victims while also protecting themselves from injury. The following are some examples of duties a firefighter has when responding to a car accident.

Firefighters Response to Car Accidents

At an auto accident, scene firefighters look for many hazards such as electrical/arcing wires, structural damages, natural gas/propane leaks, gasoline spills or other flammable liquid leaks, and other hazardous material situations. Typically, an auto accident will likely include emergency medical services and perhaps a ladder company as the emergency respondents. The ladder company may be assigned to block traffic on a multilane highway or otherwise reroute traffic.

Responsibilities of Firefighter Engine

The engine driver is typically the first arriving company and has a number of important tasks to accomplish. He/she must ensure the apparatus arrives safely at the scene including ensuring the safety of onlookers. When possible, the fire truck should be parked uphill and in an upwind position from the accident scene. It is usually best to position the fire truck a safe distance from the accident scene allowing maximum access for EMS and rescue units. The driver will also consider the need for water supply.

Responsibilities of Firefighter Crew

The firefighting crew should wear body protection such as eye protection, gloves, etc to protect themselves from hazards. One of the engine crew’s primary job is to make sure the vehicle is stabilized to prevent further movement and allow EMS personal to gain safe access to the victim(s). The crew should also know where to access the needed equipment. A firefighter will disable the crashed vehicle’s battery to deplete airbags. Crews may need to check electrical shorts, surges, or gas leaks if significant damage has been done. The crew may also need to assist EMS or rescue personal to gain access to the victim.

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