How to Avoid a Semi Truck AccidentAvoid a semi truck accident to prevent potential personal injuries or even death. Semi truck accidents are often catastrophic. Semi trucks are incredibly massive and there are now many out on the road every day. When involved in a semi truck accident, it is very likely there will be serious injury if not fatality. It is best to avoid a semi truck accident in the first place.

Truck drivers are trained to be excellent drivers. However, they do work long hours and can be tired at the wheel. We all know how scary it can be to be up against an 18-wheeler. Let’s face it, a small car is guaranteed to lose against a semi truck. Here are some tips to avoid a semi truck accident.

Watch for Warnings

A good indication that a semi truck driver is tired at the wheel is when the trailer is swaying side to side. This swaying action can easily lead to a rollover accident or jackknife semi truck accident. If you see the trailer of a semi swaying, get out of the way. You can pull over, accelerate or slow down, whatever it takes to avoid a semi truck accident.

Another good warning place is when going downhill. Semi trucks often carry a lot of weight. If you see a semi truck coming closer and closer to you in your rear view mirror, get out of the way and let them pass. On the other hand, if you find yourself coming too close to a semi truck, back off until it is safe to pass. Semi trucks are large. It is often hard for the driver to see what is behind them. Be safe by giving the driver plenty of space.

Avoid the Semi Truck’s Blind Spot

Blind spots on a semi truck include the left and right sides about two-thirds of the way back and sometimes even directly in front of the truck. Be extra careful when passing a semi truck on either side. Always pass a semi truck on the left as quickly as possible to avoid a semi truck accident.

When a Semi Truck is Turning

Often times a truck driver will need an extra lane to make a turn. Never go into any open spaces to the right of a semi truck with their turn signal on. When the truck turns, the trailer of the semi truck with instantly fill that gap crushing anything in its way. This is one of the most come causes of semi truck accidents.

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