How to Avoid and Survive Car Collisions with DeerAvoid and survive car collisions with deer by knowing how to safely hit a deer. Last week near Coeur d’Alene, a deer jumped in front of a vehicle traveling northbound. The force of impact from that collision caused the deer to be flung into the southbound lane. A vehicle traveling in the southbound lane was taken by surprise when the deer was launched into their front windshield. Unfortunately, the passenger of this vehicle was severely injured and killed from the impact of the deer. Idaho State Police reported all involved in this accident were wearing seatbelts at the time of the car accident.

How to Avoid and Survive Car Collisions with Deer

The Insurance Information Institute reported that 1.6 million deer-car collisions happen every year. Of these 200 are fatal and tens of thousands result in serious injuries. Vehicle damages from deer collisions are over $3.6 billion. Avoid and survive car collisions with deer by using the following tips.

  1. Be alert and aware of deer at dusk and dawn. These are the most likely periods that deer will be out or near the road. These times happen to also be periods when a driver’s vision is most compromised. Mating season (between October and January) also brings more deer out. To avoid a car accident involving a deer, slow down and stay alert; especially after dark.
  2. If you see one deer there are probably more. Deer are pack animals. They rarely travel alone. When you see one deer cross the road chances are there are more nearby. Slow down and be on the look out for more deer that may dart in front of your vehicle.
  3. Always wear a seat beat. Wearing a seat belt will protect you in the event of a car accident. A seat beat may not prevent a collision with a deer, but it can reduce injuries in most cases. This is especially true if the driver loses control of the vehicle.
  4. Drive down the center lane when possible to avoid hitting a deer. On a multi-lane road, the center lane is the safest course of travel and your best bet to avoid hitting a deer that may dart out into traffic.
  5. Never swerve to avoid hitting a deer. Swerving often causes drivers to lose control of the vehicle. In addition, you may end up hitting something much more damaging than a deer. If a deer appears in front of you when driving down the road, stay the course and hit the deer.
  6. Alert deer by honking! Experts recommend one long blast of the horn to scare deer out of the road.

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