Dangers of a Head-on Semi Truck Accident and How to AvoidHead-on semi-truck accidents are all too common on rural Washington roads. Due to a semi truck’s larger size, if a passenger car and a semi truck are both traveling 40 mph and both start braking at the same time, the semi will travel 45 feet further before coming to a complete stop. When a passenger vehicle is faced head-on with a semi truck, the force of impact is usually fatal. There is usually just not enough time for the semi-truck driver to slow down enough to lessen the impact. If not fatal, head-on semi truck accidents typically cause severe injuries.

Here are some tips to help you avoid a head-on semi truck accident.

Avoid a Head-on Semi Truck Accident

A head-on semi truck accident is one of the most dangerous types of accidents to be involved in. Due to the large size of a semi truck, a head-on collision with one is often fatal. A semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That amount of weight against a small car will obviously have a large impact. Know how to avoid a head-on semi truck accident to save the life of you or your loved ones.

Always Wear a Seat Belt

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports airbags and seat belt use has reduced the fatality rate of head-on collisions by 61 percent.

Pass with Great Caution

When driving on a rural road, only pass when it is safe to do so. This can be tricky for many drivers as it is hard to see oncoming traffic until you start to attempt to pass. If in doubt, don’t. Instead, wait for a passing lane.

Drive Alert

Never drive tired or distracted. Make sure to always have your eyes and mind on the road when you are driving to avoid an accident. All too often a driver accidentally swerves into oncoming traffic because they are distracted or falling asleep at the wheel.

Observe Lane Markings

It is only lawful to pass on a one-lane road when the line is dashed or a passing lane is present. Passing over a double yellow line or in a passing lane for the opposing flow of traffic is unlawful and could cause a serious accident.

You Need a Lawyer to Handle Your Semi Truck Accident Case

Look to Parke Gordon Law Firm in Spokane to handle your semi truck accident case. Our experienced attorneys will fight the big insurance companies for every penny you are owed. Truck accidents can cause serious injuries and sometimes result in wrongful death claims. Special considerations are owed in handling a semi truck accident due to the safety of special federal and state laws that regulate trucking companies and their drivers. If you or a loved one has been involved in a semi truck accident, you need an experienced truck accident attorney from Parke Gordon Law Firm on your side. Call our law office today for a free case evaluation. This is your opportunity to discuss your semi truck accident with an experienced, knowledgeable and trusted personal injury lawyer. Call (509) 482-7274.

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