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5 Benefits of Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer

After being bitten by a dog, you may be wondering the benefits of hiring a dog bite lawyer. Severe dog bites that require immediate medical attention often benefit from the services of an experienced dog bite lawyer. A dog bite lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm, will understand how to get the most compensation for the injury victim by understanding dog bite laws in Washington. Our dog bite lawyers also know how to negotiate and assist in filing a claim against the negligent dog owner.

If you have been injured by a dog bite, contact Parke Gordon Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss your case. We can help you through the process of holding the dog owner accountable. The experienced and aggressive dog bite lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm work on a contingency fee. That means there are no upfront costs until we win your case. The following are five benefits of hiring a dog bite lawyer from Parke Gordon Law Firm.

1. Knowledge of Washington Dog Bite Laws

The state of Washington’s dog bite statute, Revised Code of Washington section 16.08.040, states a dog owner is liable for dog bite injuries their dog inflicted if:

  • the dog bite occurred in a public place or lawfully in or on a private place including the property of the dog owner.
  • the dog owner knew of the dog’s viciousness.
  • the injured person did not provoke the dog.

A dog bite injury attorney from Parke Gordon Law Firm will be happy to assist you in your dog bite claim. Our experienced dog bite lawyers can help you understand the statue of limitations in Washington. Simply put, a statute of limitations is a law that governs the amount of time you have to make a claim and bring a case to court after you have suffered a dog bite injury. Deadlines for such claims vary by state but range from one to six years after the injury occurred. Typically, the time limit is two to three years. Check with our dog bite personal injury attorneys to know for sure about your particular case. It is important to never wait too long to hire a Spokane dog bite lawyer after a dog bite due to these time restrictions.

2. Skilled and Aggressive

The skilled and aggressive dog bite lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm will fight for every penny you deserve. We know how to deal with the insurance companies to get you the best settlement possible. When the negligent dog owner or their insurance company offers you less than a reasonable offer, you do not have to accept. A lawyer can review the offer and convey the severity of the injuries and damages incurred from the dog bite to get you more money, faster.

3. Professional and Experienced Dog Bite Lawyers

Attempting to settle a dog bite case on your own is a mistake. The professional and experienced dog bite lawyers of Parke Gordon Law Firm have the field experience needed to negotiate the best settlement for your dog bite case. When our attorneys take on a dog bite case, they communicate with the insurance carrier so you don’t have to. Taking on the case yourself will likely end in a lower settlement amount.

4. Access to Valuable Resources

Hiring a dog bite lawyer gives you valuable resources through a team that will contribute to your case. Our team will research and investigate the case to gather evidence that could get more money for your case. We will determine the dog owner’s negligence and prove you deserve more for your injuries. There is no need to feel you are alone in proving your case.

5. Your Own Personal Injury Lawyer

With legal experts on your side, you can beat Goliath. Our attorneys will work on your behalf to fight for the maximum compensation you are entitled to. We will take the stress out of your dog bite case. A dog bite lawyer will help to determine the extent of the at-fault party’s liability, as well as whether any other parties share responsibility. Other responsible parties may include:

  • Landlords who know of the dangerous animal.
  • Parents of minors when the dog is owned by someone under the age of 18.
  • Property owners
  • Anyone involved in the care or upkeep of the animal such as dog watchers, shelter services or a pound.

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